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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining

Updated: May 30, 2023

Summer is around the corner. This means sunshine, BBQ’s and lots of time with friends and family. The kitchen is often the go to spot in most homes. Here are some tips for upgrading your kitchen to maximize the entertaining potential.

Multifunctional Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a natural gathering spot in the house. It's the perfect place to pull up a chair, grab a drink while chatting with friends and family.

However, the kitchen island is more than just a place to socialize. This space can be used for much more. From induction cook tops, telescoping faucets to pop up spice racks, or charging ports.

Kitchen islands need to be creatively designed with function for various usages. Make sure you spend time to really think about how best to utilize your kitchen island. Not sure where to start? Check out these photos as inspiration or give us a call!

Create Indoor/Outdoor Space

What better way to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and warmer temperatures then by bringing the outdoors in.

This kitchen is a perfect example of utilizing the space you have while also creating an ultimate entertaining space. The big windows open up to a comfortable perching area. While the large double doors allow your guests to easily mingle.

Our amazing team of designers worked hard to create this space perfect for entertaining all year long.

Kitchen Bar and Wine Wall

The ultimate entertaining feature for a kitchen is the addition of a bar or wine wall. These are both functional but can also be works of art. What a fun way to kick-off a weekend or holiday gathering then to mix up your favorite drink.

A bar can come in many sizes. Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate a drink station within your home.

BONUS: Add a Zip Faucet to any dry bar, so no sink is needed. These unique faucets make drink prep even easier. With a simple drain for any water spillover. It’s eco-sensitive and will reduce the number of plastic bottles. Plus it offers boiling, chilled and filtered sparkling options. It’s the ultimate self-serving drink station!

Get Started!

Your kitchen redesign can include many things. Don’t get overwhelmed! Our wonderful team can help you. We work to understand your needs and vision. Then we are with you every step of the way!

Elements in Design is a full-service design firm located in San Francisco, California. We offer creative space solutions, interior design, construction management, and furnishings.

We can guide you through and remove the stress for your next kitchen redesign. Contact us today to get started!


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