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Top Home Design Trends for 2022

As we close in on the last quarter of 2022 we wanted to take an opportunity to share some of our top interior design trends for the home. Trends are always changing but here are just a few we have seen with our customers. These will likely continue to be popular as we head into 2023.

Here are a few home design ideas to consider for your next home remodel project.

Bold Prints and Accents

Gone are the days of bland paint palettes. A growing trend is the use of wallpaper prints and vibrant wall paint. Along with acoustical wall treatments and large paintings. These simple additions to any room of the home make a statement!

Choosing the right color defines a space. It can create intimacy or openness. Here are a few of our recent projects that establish the feel of a room using bold accents and just the right color for the room design.

Less is More - Minimalist

Less is more when it comes to interior design. Many new homes designs or home remodels follows a minimalist interior design style. This means using the essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space.

We excel at this interior design style because we love looking at the big picture and every small detail along the way. From choosing the best lighting, placement for furniture and so much more we can bring your vision to life!

Homework and Work Space

Whether it’s a workspace for your children to do homework or a dedicated home office for those working from home. The need for a work space is a growing trend. We can help with a dedicate study/office or to create a multi-functional space in your home that can be used by the whole family.

Create an Escape

We spend a lot of time in our homes and so it’s important to create a space just for you. Whether is a bathroom that feels like a spa, a reading library so you can escape in your favorite novel or a wine bar to toast those special moments. Makes sure your home includes the perfect relaxing escape for you!

We Can Help!

Planning your home remodel project is no easy task. Elements in Design is a full-service design firm located in Peninsula, California serving the greater Bay Area Peninsula. We offer creative space solutions, interior design, construction management, and furnishings.

We are more then just an interior designs and general contractors. We focus on helping our customers build a home that is perfectly tailored to their needs. It's not just about looking great it's about making a better more functional space for what they need.

Contact us today to get started, we guide you through the entire process and remove any stress.


Tel + 1 650 400 4900



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