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3 Tips to Simplify Your Home

It’s that time of year when we have a strong desire to de-clutter and simplify our homes. With spring fast approaching the need to spring clean is top of mind. This is also when many start thinking and planning our next home remodel project.

From an easy 15 minute habit to a new way to look at your next home remodel project, we have 3 tips to refresh and simplify your bathroom, kitchen or any room of the home.

BONUS: Feng shui tip to celebrate Chinese New Year, when you de-clutter the space around you, the energy released allows better opportunity to come in.

De-clutter the Counter

Here is a quick and easy win you can do today!

The kitchen is often the nerve center of the home. It’s were you gather with friends and family many times during the day. It’s very common that this high traffic area collects lots of stuff. The counters can become filled with things you may or may not need.

Take 15 minutes (set a timer if that helps) to put the dishes away, throw away the papers you don’t need and remove things from your counter. Also get rid of 50% of the decorative items you have on the counter.

This simple routine at the end of everyday will make you feel refreshed and calm. Look at these kitchens for inspiration, wouldn’t you love waking up to this each morning?

Functional Storage

Now that you have the kitchen counters cleaned, lets keep it that way! Creating functional storage allows everything to have it’s place and ideally not on your counter. Whether it’s your stand mixer or spices here are some functional storage idea for you kitchen!

We don’t mean another trip to the Container Store is required in order to be organized. Take a look at these pictures for ideas on how you can create storage in your home.

Simplified Home Design

Now that we have knocked out a couple easy changes, let’s talk big picture.

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt overwhelmed? Wall hanging, decorative blankets, vases and more. It just feels like too much.

When designing a space it’s important to see it all. Not just a wall color but how will you use the space, how do you want it to feel.

As you are working on your next interior design project here are a few examples of how a wall treatment or accent walls eliminated the need for more decorations. By simplifying a design the room can still feel high end, cozy or however you want without adding clutter.

Our team at Elements in Designs can help you think through the big picture. From developing the plan to execution we take the stress out of remodeling your home.

We Can Help!

Interior design projects can be stressful. Don’t go at it alone, our wonderful team can help you. We work to understand your needs and vision. Then we are with you ever step of the way!

Elements in Design is a full-service design firm located in San Francisco, California. We offer creative space solutions, interior design, construction management, and furnishings.

We can guide you through and remove the stress for your next home remodel project. Contact us today to get started!


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